Friday, February 25, 2011

Postions Boeing - Bought second lot on tanker news

Good news for Boeing today as it was announced that they won the tanker bid. I suspect most of this news was priced into the stock as it seemed hard to believe the US govt could really shift the jobs and key elements of control of the program out of the country. However, this does eliminate one bit of uncertainty for the stock, provides significant long term support for the company, and reinforces my long-term bullish view of the stock.

In the short-term - The stock jumped over $74 (nearly 5%) on the news which seemed to be a break out on the chart. Also, hopefully this news will help trigger some positive analyst moves over the coming weeks. Hence, seem like it is time to add the second lot of the stock. When the stock it filled some of the gap back to near its support level I added the second lot to the position at a price (including commissions) of $72.71.

That makes the portfolio long two lots at an average price just under $71.

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