Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sold Half of the Unitrin Position

A long standing order to sell one lot (half position) of Unitrin executed today as Unitrin went over $30 . This lot returned a very nice 24% since being acquired on 10/19/10. (22.3% cap gain plus another 1.8% dividend). In comparison the S&P was up about 13% during that same period.

Unitrin still has attractive fundamentals trading at a nice discount to book value ($34), a p/e around 11 and a 3.2% dividend yield. I was tempted to let this run ...but as they say...."pigs get slaughtered". So I took these profits, and will leave the other lot in place for awhile to see if momentum can run it up to at least to the 52 week high of $31 and maybe up near book value of $34.

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