Sunday, May 29, 2011

CCI Guest Author on Xerox Cash Flow

A special holiday weekend edition of CCI highlights an article on Seeking Alpha by Tom Armistead on the power of Xerox's free cash flow. Obviously this article supports CCI's view the Xerox is a "buy". However, Tom provides a much more thorough financial analysis than provided by CCI, concludes that a $16 long term price is realistic, and suggests some option strategies. So put on your green eye shades and enjoy!

CCI highlights this article for reasons well beyond it supporting my view of one stock. Specifically, it clearly illustrates the type of thoughtful, independent, free, and intelligent analysis that is now available to investors by the power of "social network investing". I do not know Tom. His Seeking Alpha profile says he is a retired accountant/actuary from the insurance industry. I encourage you to read any of his other articles on that sight. Do that, and I think you will believe that is his background and that his insight is helpful.

Since CCI's insurance industry background consists only of writing lots of checks for auto/home insurance, I use to blindly gain my portfolio exposure to this industry via etfs and funds. After reading some of Tom's articles on that industry and I feel I am be better able focus investments in that sector. More generally, it supports my belief that investors with this type of knowledge, utilizing the internet can change the way the investor class makes investment decesions.

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