Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Intel - Over $23. Covered Calls Sold

About a year ago in  this article CCI  provided rationale for a position in Intel.  The article concluded by suggesting buying Intel if/when it was near $20.  CCI has built a full position in Intel with an average cost just over $20. 

As INTC went over $23 today, CCI sold one lots worth of Nov $24 calls against the position for $.45.

 In Intel reverses in the short term of after it reports earnings  (it has rallied into earnings only to fall back after earnings several times in the past) CCI will try to harvest some/most of this 2% option premium. If Intel  breaks out over $24, one lot will be called away at an effective price of $24.45.  That would be a 22% gain plus a 3+% dividend for a total of a 25% gain on this lot.  

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