Wednesday, December 19, 2012

GMCR Straddle....Certainly Not a Winner

As discussed here,  in late November CCI placed a straddle on the Green Mountain Coffee Rosters (GMCR) prior to earnings.  To be a winner the stock needed to stay in the range of $20 and $36 after earnings.  Unfortunately for CCI, GMCR reported good earnings and its price blew past the $36 upper end options strike, the $37 break even point and over $40.  As the stock dipped back below $40 this week, CCI bailed on this loosing trade.

Overall the upper end of the trade lost about $2.40 per contract and the lower end of the trade made a modest $.30 per contract gain.  Combined that was a bad, $2.10 contract loss.  Fortunately, as originally discussed this trade was done for a very small amount as a purely speculative activity. 

 But still......certainly not a winner.

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