Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hershey - Vday Trade

Over the years, my undocumented observation has been that Hershey stock gets more attention (and hence volatility) than usual prior to Valentines day. I have been successful in the past buying in Jan and selling in early Feb. (Kind of like buying on the rumor of Valentines day and selling on the I know that is somewhat unhealthy reason to buy a stock, but I've tasted success in the past with this approach and every once in a while you need to have some fun while trading.

So earlier this year I had set an alert in my account if Hershey stock fell. Hsy had been grinding up this month, but fell over a percent this morning. Technically this nearly filled the up-gap from an upgrade on the 13th. I bought one lot at $48.92. I don't expect to be in this speculative trade too long. Specifically earnings are 2/2 so I hope to be out of the trade before that event. Hopefully, I can get a gap reversal that lets me go to the store to buy some chocolate to celebrate! Either that or take a small loss and eat chocolate to help cure my depression over the trade....seems like a win/win!

Full disclosure: I am an admitted choc-aholic!

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