Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Emerging Market Consumer Portfolio (EEM2) Q2 Results

Complete information about the objective and make up of the EEM2 portfolio can be found at


In summary the objective of this portfolio is to outperform an emerging market ETF such as VWO by holding several ETFs that focus on the emerging middle class while having less exposure to China (FXI) than most emerging market investments.  Performance for the second quarter of 2011 was
  • eem2 - plus 3.6%
  • vwo - minus 0.67%
  • fxi - minus 5.6%
Clearly a nice outperform for the first quarter of this portfolio operations.  However, one quarter's data is not that significant. While the performance has been good, the volatility has been high and most of the returns have come from one holding, the emerging consumer market ETF (ECON).  

CCI plans to continue to hold this portfolio for now, but may make adjustments to the composition over time.

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