Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trying to catch a market drop via SDS

Yesterday afternoon, when I heard there were a whole lot of speeches from the "braintrust" in DC to be given Monday night, I figured those speeches would only serve to make the debt ceiling issue seem more confused and there was a good chance for a market drop on Tuesday.

So CCI bought some of the double short S&P500 etf (SDS) at the end of the day Monday .  I was not able to catch a big drop today, and the trade was stopped out for no gain after commissions.

So CCI is now 5-0-3 in day trading the double shorts ETFs this year.

Oops...did I say day trading.  Clearly, I meant to say deploying a  leveraged, short-term, negatively correlated, hedging strategy to protect some of the portfolio from tail risk and volatility!  That sounds much better...lol.

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