Thursday, December 29, 2011

Starting a Position in Google

CCI bought a one lot of Google (Goog) at a price of $636.40.   Stay tuned for more posts on Google if/when CCI builds this position in 2012.   In the interim,  my thoughts on why to start buying now include:
  • Google search engine continues to be a cash generation machine, and they have $131/share of cash on the books.
  • Seems Google is now a real competitive threat to other players like Msoft and Apple, and more importantly seems to be the player that is arguably best situated to bring together all the "new" pieces of technology (search, cloud apps, social, mobile, etc).   CCI believes the trend to be a single provided of all these services will be a competitive advantage in the future.
  • Momentum money may be moving in Google's direction in 2012 as illustrated by it breaking through long term chart resistance around $630. Perhaps some of the money that has been running towards Apple over the past few years may be moving to Google.
Stay tuned for more in 2012.

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