Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As originally discussed here and last discussed in December here, CCI continues to have a full position in Boeing (BA).

The position was accumulated  at an average cost of $70.50 over the past year . With the stock trading at $75 it is modestly positive. Additionally, CCI has harvested the 2.3% dividend and a few option premiums.    With a minor pull back in the stock today and the option expiration date near, CCI bought back the lot of Feb $75 covered calls today.  These calls returned just under 2% on one lot of shares over less than 3 months.   Nothing spectacular, but a adding a modest little boost to returns on the holding.

It still seems like Boeing is near the beginning of it cycle of new plane and hence CCI will continue to hold the position. CCI will be looking to sell calls again a little further out and hopefully up in the future.

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