Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Intel covered call premium harvested.

With the market pull back, CCI closed the Intel (INTC) June $30 covered call position discussed here.
This trade yielded a boring 1% return in less than a month. This added into the sizable pot of unrealized capital gains, dividends, and option premium earned on this stock.

It doesn't seem like there is any real change to the Intel story.  (They did just increase their dividend!).  A modest multiple, on a key industry provider, with perhaps the largest competitive  "moat" anywhere, with a strong balance sheet still seems like a solid investment.  Further, if they ever get a mobile strategy in place, there could be more upside.   Here is a link to an article from Morningstar that seems to share a positive view of Intel's competitive position in the market.

Holding for now, but if the pull back continues towards $26,  we will likely sell a lot of puts in Intel to potentially add to the position.

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