Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You can put in on the board.....yes!

Yesterday CCI felt the market had showed a lot of apathy on the news of European election results, and risk of a pullback remains. Monday afternoon CCI bought the double sort S&P500 etf (SDS). Sold it on today's market pull back for a 1.35% gain. 

The first win of the year trying to put some modest, short-term hedges in place against the portfolio via double short etfs. That brings this years record to a boring 1-1-3.  Considering the market is up this year, it could be expected that this type of strategy would be down for the year. Hence, it is nice to report that these 5 trades actually show a small, cumulative positive gain for the year. 

Obviously not much opportunity to use this strategy so far this year. That is  mostly due to low volatility in the markets, but perhaps that will change as the year progresses.

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