Friday, August 5, 2011

Minmially, Minimizing the Downside.

Not a great week for equities.   It will take a little research time to search through this weeks carnage to see where buying opportunities might exist, but I suspect there are some out there.

CCI did successfully execute a leveraged, hedge trade today .  (i.e. day traded the double short financials ETF, (SKF)).   Skimmed a modest 1.2% profit out of the SKFs 3.3% gain for the day.  Of course its range for the full day was a kind of  an amazing  10% ($72.51 to $80.23).  

The gain on this trade only puts a very small dent in the drops of the week, but every little bit to minimize downside helps.  This pushes CCI  record on trading double short  ETFs to 6-0-4. 

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