Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swing and a miss

Played the double short S&P Etf (SDS) again on Monday, because I felt the "debt ceiling rally" would not hold.    

The good news: Good Call.
The bad news : Got busy with real life and had to put on the trade entirely electronically (via  conditionals, and trailing stops).  Unfortunately, my attempt at automation of the concept and the actual volatility of the day cause the trade to be executed for only a gain of .2% . 

.2% up on a down day is "better than a sharp stick in the eye" but CCI had a hittable pitch lined-up and basically swung and missed.   Disappointing results. 

While technically this trade generated a gain it was so small we will classify it all yet another tie.
Now 5-0-4 trying to hedge via double shorts this year.

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